Pres. Trump and immigeration ban

trump-internet-banHey, this is my 1st blog and i am not a blogger. I am searching for a job in Malaysia and so far, nothing positive.

Being an immigrant is a challenging experience – you are in a new country/place where you can be the most of yourself, connect, learn new things and gain any experience you come across. For migrants from the 3rd world countries travelling to a 1st world country, It is an overwhelming experience in the sense that you are looking forward to newer opportunities and experiencing all the good things you have heard/seen about the place you are travelling to. Gathering necessary documents for the migration (depending on your purpose of migrating) might be stressful and in some cases its worth it.

Now at this point in my blog i have to talk about travelling to America and why Trump is behaving like a ‘King Jeffery’ (a character from Game of Thrones that is stupid and everyone hates). For starters, he banned immigrants from 7 Muslim countries entry into the USA a few months ago (January 2017). Now, that was a d*ck move. when the ban was lifted, he twitted lots of shit saying shit.

What Trump was doing was a reverse psychology on the masses. Instigating fear of being attacked if the ban was lifted. He wanted to provoke the terrorists/ISIS/whoever-they-are to attack American then he will have the guts to say “HAA! I told you so!”. If the world is intelligent, we won’t fall for his stupid mind tricks. No immigrant will commit any terrorist act on any American soil after the ban lift. No stupid twitter rant from Trump saying “I tried to protect America with that ban but the court was against me. Now see what the terrorists did” and other stupid tweets saying shit.

Moral of this blog is: Trump is stupid. He’s ban tricks won’t work. Be awesome, travel and migrate as you want.

Anyways, that’s my time. Thanks for reading this mambo jumbo blog thingy. Peace!


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